Innegra Fiber Tough Innegra Fiber, combined with carbon,                   can decrease weight and increase                             impact resistance.

Innegra Fiber Durable  Innegra Fiber increases impact resistance and extends the life of the product.
Innegra Fiber  Lightweight Innegra Fiber can make your board tougher, lighter, and more responsive so that you spend more time on the water, and less time on repairs.
Innegra Fiber  Versatile Innegra Fiber compliments glass, carbon,                 quartz, basalt, or aramid to improve                         performance.

  • Applications

    Discover applications currently benefiting from Innegra fiber, and explore the advantages of using Innegra in your product.

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  •    Technical

             Looking for more information on            designing with Innegra? Our                  technical page provides technical          papers, technical data sheets                  on the fibers, and laminate test              data. 

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